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In addition to any resources offered by your local CAC, the following might also be helpful:

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The Vermont Department for Children and Families works with community partners to foster the healthy development, safety, and well-being of children in Vermont. Call 1-800-649-5285 to report suspected child abuse or neglect —24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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The Vermont Victim Assistance Program empowers crime victims by helping them access the criminal justice system through empathy, support, information, resources, and referrals to community partners. 1-800-750-1213

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The Vermont Network provide domestic and sexual violence advocacy to survivors of violence in Vermont. 1-802-223-1302


A short video from the National Children's Alliance on how the CAC model works

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KidSmartz is program offers resources to help parents, caregivers, and teachers protect kids by teaching and practicing the 4 Rules of Personal Safety


Some resources for parents from The National Children's Advocacy Center. The Center trains thousands of people each year, from the United States and around the world, on how to recognize and support maltreated children. 

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