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July 2021 CFAC Welcomes New Investigator

The Child First Advocacy Center (CFAC) welcomed a new investigator in July and said farewell to a longtime investigator who left the unit in March. Chief Ed Dumas of the Rutland Town Police Department was an investigator at the child advocacy center for over six years when he departed from the unit. The impression he leaves on Rutland County families and victims is far-reaching, and his presence and impact on the team has been missed. The CFAC team and partnering agencies wish him well as he continues to serve in his role as Rutland Town Police Chief.

Executive Director Wendy Loomis worked tirelessly to fill the empty spot left by Dumas and ensure that the Rutland Unit for Special Investigations had the three detectives needed to support the community. She was successful in her efforts, and Rutland County Sheriff David Fox agreed to secure an investigator position at CFAC, hiring Detective Amber Houle to fill that role.

Pictured from left to right – Detective Ryan Ashe, Detective Amber Houle, and Detective Trooper Steven Gelder.

“I am extremely fortunate that Sheriff Fox and Wendy Loomis have given me the opportunity to work in what I believe to be one of the most important positions in Law Enforcement,” said Detective Amber Houle. “I cannot thank them enough or Chief Dumas for believing in me and entrusting me to take over his position here at CFAC. I can only hope to do them and Rutland County families and victims proud.”

Looking back on the last year, The Child First Advocacy Center and Rutland Unit for Special Investigations Multi-Disciplinary Team were among the frontline workers and first responders serving the community throughout the course of the pandemic. CFAC and its partnering agencies scrambled to reach kids while navigating Covid-19 safety protocols. They created and continually refined Covid-19 policies and guidelines while prioritizing child safety. CFAC doors stayed open, and without hesitation, the dedicated team of Law Enforcement, DCF Family Service workers, and Family Advocates put Rutland County kids before themselves.

The CFAC team members recognize this same commitment in Detective Amber Houle. With her passion for law enforcement and her dedication to protecting children and keeping the community safe, she is a welcome addition to the CFAC team.


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